Not your Average Peanut Butter – PB2 Review


Powdered peanut butter? Or Powdered chocolate flavored peanut butter?! Sounds like space food right? Or maybe like something you take on a camping trip?

Well it’s not! It’s this amazing powdery goodness that allows you to make everything taste instantly better. Remember those idiotic Sensa weight loss commercials? You know, the ones where they’re shaking, more like dumping powdered random stuff into their food and prancing around? Ya, it’s like that kinda idea except it tastes amaaaaazing. And you don’t have to do a stupid dance.

Why we like it

It gives us the rich and filling taste of a peanut butter without all the added fat. Yes, we recognize the important role healthy fats play in our diets, but some days, those fats are just gonna send us over our caloric goal. So we choose PB2 as our alternative. You get the same amount of peanut butter taste for ¼ of the calories. The company has also confirmed they are GMO free. How awesome is that?


What we do with it

EVERYTHING. Technically, you’re supposed to add water to reconstitute and make it spread like peanut butter. But we prefer real nut butters for spreads and use our PB2 as more of a sprinkle topping. We like to mix it into our plain greek yogurt and top it off with some delicious frozen berries. It tastes like a treat but it’s definitely a healthy snack in disguise. We also add it to our smoothies to give them that creamy nutty taste. And it even makes that plain oatmeal come alive and thicken up.. if you like that kinda thing.


Definitely one of our top lifesavers on those days we wanna take a spoon to the jar! We have 2 words of caution and these may or may not have been real life scenarios.  Number 1, don’t get half way through the jar and think, ‘let me just add the water straight to the jar, mix, and store so I don’t have to mix later on’. Flavor is uh, inhibited and the longer you let it sit there in water and we’re talking over day periods, the worse the situation gets. Number 2, thinking PB2 is a good travel friendly carry on snack at the airport? You may be next in line for further TSA questioning. After telling them what the powdered like substance in which PB2 actually is, Ally was free to continue on her traveling journey #allaboutthatpeanutbutter.

Have you tried PB2? What do you put it on?!

The Bu Kombucha Fresh Look Review


The Bu Kombucha : Lavender

We’re always getting asked, “what is that?!” whenever we’re drinking one of these. Kombucha –  say it outloud – kom-boo-cha. One more time, kom-boo-cha! We’ve heard you either love it, or hate it. o middle ground. And we absolutely LOVE IT. It’s one of those tastes you kind of have to learn to love. It grows on you. Sort of like coffee! We compare it to drinking a lightly carbonated, fizzy soda, minus all the icky ingredients.

Why we’re lovin’ the Bu? Because it’s an organic, raw, probiotic rich drink that’s offered in a variety of unique and tasty flavors. And there’s only three grams of sugar per serving! Kombucha is a living tea beverage made with probiotic cultures, making it an amazing source of healthy bacteria. Just one bottle has over 1 BILLION probiotics! Looking for some digestive health remedies? This is your answer. Health benefits, delicious floral flavor, and on-point packaging? We’re in.


If you’re into lavender flavors, this kombucha is def for you. An added benefit is it’s soothing effect, making this flavor perfect for unwinding in the late afternoon or a few hours before bed. This particular one is an organic blend of green tea, fruit, and flower essences. The lavender isn’t too overpowering with a light, balanced, lemony taste. We’ve tried other brands with lavender notes, but this one is unique in its refreshing and light taste and offers an interesting twist on the traditional kombucha flavors.

We’re dying to try their Chai Spice Kombucha next!

Get your Bu here:

Nuts’n More Almond Butter Review


 Why we love it: 14g protein / organic flax / no added sugar / high fiber / amazing flavor selection

Nothing is more delectable than thick, luscious nut butters. Except!!! Thick, luscious nut butters with TWICE the protein! We’re not protein psychos, but we understand how important it is for fueling our muscle building and maintenance. So when we see something on the shelf with more than the expected protein, you know we gotta try it!

Nuts ‘N More delivers a phenomenal tasting almond butter that somehow manages to pack in 14g of protein! Yes, you read that right! It’s like they looked into the depths of our souls and made our dreams a reality.

It’s a bit challenging to stir at first. Separation is natural and all of that, better to have to take a few extra seconds to stir vs having a nut butter filled with chemicals. But once you get the first good mix upon opening, the other uses require only a few good stirs. The texture is very thick but still smooth. You’ll get a delicious almond butter taste with just the right amount of sweetness. There is a mild whey taste but definitely not one that is disagreeable.

Seriously, if it weren’t as calorically dense as regular almond butter, we’d probably take a spoon to a jar and be done in 30 min. But we’re well behaved so we keep it to a serving size of 2 tbsp. What’s that look like? Take a look at your two thumbs and that’s pretty much a rough estimate when needing a visual guiding your nut butter experiences. We know everyone’s thumb size is different, but you get the idea.


Now, it’s a little pricey at $12.99 a jar for this particular flavor. BUT you are getting a superior nut butter with plenty of goods fats plus the added protein isolate which gets absorbed way quicker than concentrate protein. Well worth the splurge. And if you shop around, you can find it for nearly half the price when the expiration date is near. They get marked down at maybe 2 months before expiration. We don’t know about you, but our nut butters don’t last more than a month in the cupboard so that’s a perfect window for us.

Check out all Nuts’ n More products here! With flavors like Sesame Cranbutter, Classic Toffee Crunch Peanut, and Cinnamon Raisin Almond, you’re sure to fall in love with more than one! 

Have you tried them? What’s your favorite flavor?!

Kor Shots



Found KOR Shots just as we were looking for some non-caffeine energy boosters. The petite packaging and overall look is what drew us in originally. Just shake, shoot and feel your body’s immediate increase in energy and mental clarity, all while boosting your immunity and overall health and wellness. Not to mention, they’re USDA organic, raw, and packed with nutrients. KOR uses a process of High Pressure Processing to allow for optimal nutrient retention as opposed to other companies who use heat to process their juices. 

Two varieties: Ginger Wellness and Turmeric Vitality

Ginger Wellness is an organic blend of raw ginger juice, lemon juice, coconut juice, and cayenne pepper.

Flavor: Potent. Burst of fresh ginger, hence the “shot”. You’ll catch hints of the heat from the cayenne pretty quickly. A pop of the lemon takes the edge off the spiciness of the other flavors. Coconut juice was pretty undetectable, which makes sense with the potency of the other flavors.

Turmeric Vitality is an organic blend of raw turmeric root juice, lemon juice, and coconut juice.

Flavor: Earthy. Has a zing. New favorite morning or post workout energy booster. Not as potent as the ginger shot but balanced well. Had a good ratio of turmeric to coconut juice so it wasn’t as bitter as other shots we’ve tasted. Felt like it cleared up our pallets, allowing some sugar cravings to subside. 




About the ingredients: 

Ginger Wellness
Ginger: Powerful antioxidant that increases circulation and reduces inflammation. Awesome nausea remedy and soothing for the digestive system.

Coconut Juice: Pretty much electrolytes in a bottle. Packed with potassium needed for proper cell function.

Lemon: Boosts your liver’s function. Rich in immunity boosting antioxidant, vitamin C. Contains limonene, which has anti-cancer properties that help increase the level of enzymes that detoxify carcinogens.

Cayenne Pepper: Rich in vitamin A which aids in pain relief. Supports improved circulation. Helps to speed up digestion.

Turmeric Vitality
TurmericAnti-inflammatory powerhouse. Rich in curcuminoids, a powerful antioxidant that helps support the blood and improve immune system function. Aids in prevention of premature aging, reduction of depression, arthritis management, and blood sugar regulation.

Lemon: See above.

Coconut Juice: See above.




Once you down either shot, you literally feel it go through your body and ignite all of your senses. We felt our sinuses clear up, and immediately felt so much more awake. And the best part is that all of these amazing benefits are jam packed into one tiny & delish 1.5oz bottle. Remember, a healthy inside helps promote radiant, supple skin! So whether you’re into taking shots or sipping away (and want to feel a lingering burning sensation down your throat) then you’ll definitely find something worthwhile here.

First time shot taker? Just gotta plug your nose and down the hatch! We promise, the benefits are worth the strong taste. You can thank us later <3

Where can you find KOR Wellness Shots?