Sarah and Daniel Become Parents



So the secret is out! We’re pregnant! That’s right :) Those of you standing by, eagerly awaiting an actual wedding… may want to pull up a chair. Daniel and I have kinda been legally married since August of 2014! With all of our stateside moves, planning an actual wedding was sooooo out of the realm of possibilities. Just the thought of putting together the details of a whole ceremony to reception kind of deal was sorta anxiety inducing and at the end of the day could never pull the trigger on the planning. Basically life got in the way and everything but the essentials got placed on hold.
It feels surreal to let everyone OFFICIALLY in on our little secret, even though I’m sure most of you have figured it out by now! IG feed kinda gives it away LOL. I had joked around that we’d end up having a kid before we got around to putting on an actual wedding ceremony. You know, one where Grandma would have to walk down the aisle holding the babe, à la Kris Jenner? Well, that sorta became real life real fast! Way to go power of thought!

At this point, who knows if we’ll ever get around to all that other ceremony stuff. It all seems mostly unnecessary with our new focus on this beautiful baby! It’s so exciting to share this news with everyone now, but to be honest, there was something about news like this, this personal, that made me feel like I wanted to hold onto it a little longer. To keep it private for as long as possible. It’s kind of hard to explain why. Maybe because we wanted to soak in the fact that these next few months will be our last as a party of 2+ some pups!

Anyway, I plan on sharing A LOT of what has been going on throughout my pregnancy; the ups and the downs. Get ready for blog overload and TMI about my trips to the potty room and my most welcomed introduction to Miralax – yay! There will be posts filled with the baby basic milestones but also plenty of realness on the inevitable weight gain, what I’m eating (and not eating), and how I’m keeping fit and healthy during this pregnancy, for baby’s sake and mine!

Welcome to our new reality!

Summer 2015 Healthy Recipes We Want To Try



So one of the ways we get some inspo for our recipes is by reading other blogs and checking out what other great foodie type bloggers are curating in the kitchen. Here’s a round up of 8 recipes we’re eager to try this summer. We try our best to shop seasonally for a ton of reasons and one of them being we feel the fresh produce tastes way better. Some of these fit perfectly into that category and we can’t wait to try them. Stay tuned for our versions of these recipes and check out the way we change them up a bit to fit more into our likings. 

Follow along if you guys want and give these recipes a try as well! We don’t plan on making them in any chronological order, whichever sparks our attention first ingredient wise. We happen to be starting off with number 1, Grilled Kale Salad With Ricotta and Plum because we have all those ingredients on hand. 

Heres a list of the recipes and their links:

1| Grilled Kale Salad With Ricotta and Plum by Bon Appetit

2 | 3 Layer- Apricot Tart by Fit Foodie Finds

3| Summer Rolls With Peanut Sauce by Sally’s Baking Addiction

4 | Quinoa Black Bean Beet Burgers by Minimalist Baker

5| Almond Pistachio Frozen Yogurt by Nutritionist In The Kitch

6| Lemon Raspberry Chia Pudding by Super Healthy Kids

7| Cauliflower Tabbouleh by Pancake Warriors

8| Collard Wraps With Roasted Chickpeas by The Almond Eater

Do any of these spark you guys’ attention??

Working Out and Makeup


First of all, we’re not ragging on makeup. We love makeup. Especially Sofia! She could probably spend an entire day walking through Sephora and picking up every single item. But she’s noticed a slight change in her obsession.

Ever since I started getting closer and closer to my weight loss goals, I started to decrease my makeup application. I started to wonder why! And I came to the the following conclusions.

#1 Putting on makeup is a chore. And when you plan on working out more than once a day, putting on makeup can seem like such a waste of time. A waste of time when you could be sleeping. A waste of time when you could be meal prepping. Or maybe just a waste of time. Period.

#2 All that self confidence from having your ass jiggle just a little less? Basically translates to an IDGAF attitude. So what if I look exhausted and my lips are drained of color and my cheeks are flushed red from working hard. IDGAF ‘cause my ass looks great in these yoga pants. Besides, you should just be happy that I don’t opt out of a second shower on those days I decide to workout in the AM and PM.

#3 My skintone is more even and blemish free since I stopped putting crap in my body. I don’t need foundation. Ya, maybe I’m a little more tan from all those outdoor activities and ya maybe there are a few more sunspots, but IDGAF. Because that’s what my face looks like.

#4 When I finally do put makeup on, I see a stranger. I’ve spent so much time looking at myself sweaty and gross post-workouts, that this face is my new normal. And that other girl in the mirror looks a little overdone.

Now don’t get us started on girls that wear makeup to the gym. *Eye Roll*

We’re not talking about the girls that add maybe a touch of this or a touch of that to boost their confidence a bit. We definitely understand everyone has got their own insecurities. And by no means are we trying to poke fun at these people. We’re talking about the ones that walk into the gym with a face-full of makeup. You must have to look at yourself in the mirror when you’re applying that to your face, right? Like, you must know what you look like. You must know you look like you just finished filming a YouTube product review video for every single product in your makeup bag.

Besides, working out with makeup means:

#1 You have to give yourself extra time before and after workouts to apply and reapply makeup (and aren’t we always complaining about not having enough time to fit in a workout?)

#2 Your pores are gonna get super huge and gross from having all that product on your face. And you’re probably gonna break out soooo soo much ‘cause you know that shit clogs your pores. #skincare101

#3 You’ll probably try not to sweat so hard so you don’t smear your makeup. OR you’ll sweat so hard your makeup ends up everywhere and neither of those are cute.

So stop it. You look out of place. And no one takes you seriously. And you’re giving the rest of us girls a bad rap.