Coming to Terms With Our Limitations

We all have both strengths and things we can improve on. But if we’re not good at something, should we always be working to improvement it? Seems like social media lately has been flooded with the whole “self acceptance” movement. We are huge advocates of not being too hard on ourselves and strive to recognize some of those, “it is what is is” situations in our lives. There’s a point where constantly trying to help ourselves seems like it’s some sort of life hack that is taking over our lives, causing us to actually stay stagnant and not grow. Although this can be challenging, there becomes a time where finding that balance between self acceptance and when to continue through personal development need to happen. This is a topic we’re going to expand on, but felt like starting off here with our thoughts on coming to terms with our limitations. 

For example, I’ve never been able to swim passed being a 5 year old in the kiddie pool at the YMCA. Was I in always enrolled in summer swim lessons? Yes. What happened? Who knows, nothing stuck. There’s something about having to learn breathing techniques, worrying about my goggles fogging up or my contacts falling off in the pool, not to mention that whole swimmers ear phemon. #nothanks. This limitation always bothered and stood out to me, and I was resolute to become a swimmer. I wanted to get in that full body workout and have that swimmers bodies. I got into the water a few times, had horrible experiences with swimmers ear, felt like I was about to drown half the time, and seemed like my efforts weren’t getting me anywhere. A bit dramatic? Maybe. But I realized that “becoming a swimmer” was something I was okay giving up on. Just because you’re not great at something, doesn’t mean you need to work on it until you are. I realized, I would rather put my energy and focus into other things than spend the time learning to swim. Striving for that athletic perfection was going to get me nowhere fast and I found that it’s also important to accept our limitations and focus on improving on the workouts like HITT training and hiking that I already love to do by freeing up more time.

We can’t do everything, not everything is going to be perfect and we get this. The focus comes down to, what do YOU want to improve on and turning those goals into your reality. We think it’s more about knowing who you are and in this case not who you think you should be. To accept yourself and your situations, you have to understand yourself and be able to identify what actually is behind whats going on. We have to learn to question our motives and see where the new change is going to take us to.

Challenging ourselves and getting out of our comfort zones may be exactly what we need to grow. But you need to be real with yourself. Getting down to the core of what it is you really want to change or improve on, is what’s going to matter.

Ok. End rant. Thoughts? How do you guys realize this is something you want or something your willing to just accept may not be for you?

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