Our Blog Break Up

Fit Lush is back! Not that we ever really went anywhere. We just kinda broke up with blogging for awhile. Of course we did so with every intention of eventually rekindling our love for sharing our thoughts through this media.  We just needed some “me time” to figure out exactly what we wanted out of our relationship with Fit Lush. 
Anyway, like we said, we never really went anywhere. We’ve just been exploring other social media platforms to help us better reach all of you! Grass is always greener, so they say. Sarah fell in love with capturing some great moments with Snapchat while Sofia discovered how much she enjoyed telling a story through Instagram. 
There was a ton going on when I stepped away from blogging. 1) Organizing a move to Japan 2) traveling back and forth from North Carolina to San Diego 3) and an injured pup in need surgery. Everything else seemed to take priority over sharing on our Fit Lush blog.
I found myself struggling to balance a new full-time job with a daily 3 hr commute and a 1.5 hr a day training schedule. I’d never found myself wishing so hard for more hours to the day as I did these past few months. I can’t wait to share what I learned from all this with you!
Trying to justify why we broke up with the Fit Lush blog is actually way more difficult than we thought. But the truth is, we’ve both felt like we’ve been missing something since we decreased our posting activity. Not creating content regularly felt soooooooo strange. That’s why we’re so excited to be back in the game and reconnect with our awesome Fit Lush audience! 
Quite a bit has changed these past few months. Fit Lush is staying stateside for now, there’s a handsome full bred German shepherd named Matcha on the team now, and biggest news yet! Sarah and Daniel have a beautiful baby boy on the way! We have so much more to catch you up on. So stay tuned for tons more lifestyle, weight loss, fitness, pregnancy, and travel updates!
Follow along our instagram journey here and here and for snap chat our handles are @FitLush & @sofia4318
Oh and by the way, yours truly may be coming to you in podcast form soon! Thoughts?!

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