Visualizing Where You Want to Be


We all have a vision for our lives, or at least i hope we all can get a little dreamy on where we see our lives going. Maybe it isn’t an exact map with all of the hiccups embedded in and already worked out. Perhaps, it’s just an idea of what we’d like to see happen. Starting out on a weight loss journey, like actually being ready and in the right mindset causes you to switch some things around in your life. You won’t know what it’s like to be at your goal weight unless you can get to a point where you’ve actually put a visualization to that. I’m not talking in this case like what you physically would look like, I mean a visualization to what your daily grind would look.

I remember writing out what my ideal day would look like when I first started on my weight loss journey. I’ve always been a dreamer and once I was able to succeed in losing the first 10 pounds, I started thinking, what would my day look like if I was already there, if all the weight I wanted to lose, was already lost. Granted, I was in college so this isn’t reflective of the time now, but go with me for now. This is what a typical Monday looked like for me in my visualization of being at my goal weight. Why Monday? Because again, I was in school and that’s where I spent majority of my time.
Here’s what I described:

+ 5:00am. Wake up, quick and light breakfast, like an apple or ½ banana, and get in a workout out at the gym for an hour.
+ 7am Shower, get ready for the day and eat the rest of my breakfast, like an egg veggie omelet or steel cut oats
+ 8am Head to school- this would vary depending on the semester I was in but it was pretty common for me to have early classes
+ Noon Lunch time- packed lunch from home or salad from the cafeteria
+1pm Walk. Quick after lunch walk before my next set of classes, coffee break
+2pm Classes or homework time
+ 5pm Head home, walk Charlie 4-5
+ 6:45pm Get dinner ready and meal prep for the next day
+ 8pm Homework and tv + family time
+ 9:45pm Bed time

Doesn’t it seem highly specific and thought out, especially for a Monday morning? Yep, that’s exactly how my brain works, even to this day. I need to see the small details and plan even the simplest things, like cooking a meal and when I would be able to walk Charlie.

As beneficial as I think setting small, workable short term goals are, I always take a minute to revisit the long term. We often get so caught up in our day-to-day routines and responsibilities that we forget about how those priorities you set in order to reach your goals are only going to matter in the long run, if we actually make the time to do them. Does walking after lunch in the small scheme of my day mean much? Eh, to some, maybe not, but to me, it signifies more steps and more steps equals movement, and movement equals me burning those calories. What seemingly small step can I make each day that overtime, will make a difference and walking Charlie each day, walking to the coffee shop with a friend instead of driving there, whatever it is, those steps will eventually get me there. Basically, what do I need to do to make it happen and how.

Once I created a visualization on what was realistic for my day, given the fact I was in college, I followed it. Obviously shit happens and sometimes I had to make adjustments to my schedule, but MAJORITY of the time, this is how it went. I used my weekends for friends, but not before my workout and walk with Charlie came in. I figured, if I wasn’t open to going to the gym everyday during a time it would fit my schedule and my early bird self, then it wasn’t a lifestyle for me and that was the furthest thing from the truth; I was ready to continue losing weight and I wanted to live the life of someone who was healthy and active NOW, at my pre-weight loss, starting weight.

So what do you guys think? How would your day look if you were ALREADY at your goal weight? What would you be doing in your spare time? How would you make time for meal prepping and fitting in a workout? Lots to think about!

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